SAMA Cyber Security Framework

To battle against the cyber threats, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) established a Cyber Security Framework version 1.0 in May 2017. The newer version 2.0 has been published in July 2018. This framework guides SAMA regulated entities referred to as "Member Organizations" to ensure that appropriate cybersecurity governance is established and followed. The Member organizations consist of local and foreign banks, insurance companies, money exchangers and other financial organizations.

Meeting a Cybersecurity compliance can be difficult for many organizations due to lack tools, processes, skill set etc. This is where ioSENTRIX comes in. We provide managed services in various domains such as Penetration Testing (for both Infrastructure and Applications), Vulnerability Management, SOC and SIEM management.

Our Approach

SAMA Cyber Security Framework contains the following Domain and Sub-domains. ioSENTRIX can provide managed services across the highlighted areas that can reduce the burden on the organization to meet the compliance requirements. As an organization, you have to engage us, and we will ensure that your organization meet the selected requirements completely. It’s a simple as: engage us, we do the work for you, and you are compliant.

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Figure 1: SAMA Cyber Security Framework

We can help you meet many requirements in the following domains:

  • 3.1 Cyber Security Leadership & Governance
  • 3.2 Cyber Security Risk Management & Compliance
  • 3.3 Cyber Security Operations and Technology:

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