Assess your applications for vulnerabilities before attackers do. Our security experts have a wealth of experience in evaluating all types of applications. We are leaders in assessing web (including backend APIs and web services), mobile, and thick client applications. We don't only help you discover the vulnerabilities, we also provide detailed ramification guidance on resolving them as well. Our holistic model ensures the security of the application at each layer starting from architecture to all the way to code implementation.

Architecture Review

A secure architecture is a vital element to establish defense in depth. Architecture review aids in discovering the vulnerabilities within the design of the application, which are not found using penetration testing or code reviews. Our security experts will evaluate your architecture, analyze the assets, controls, potential attack vectors, and suggest remedy controls to ensure strong security.

Threat Model

We look at your application, calculate your attack surface, and model all the relevant threats and risks that could potentially compromise the security of your application. We generate a comprehensive list of possible attacks that complements the penetration testing and the code review.

Penetration Testing

During penetration testing, our experts will attempt to breach your application with the aim of discovering missing controls and assessing the accuracy of deployed controls. We use both automated and manual testing techniques to ensure complete coverage. All the exploitable vulnerabilities are reported with evidence, steps to reproduce and ramification details.

Code Review

Code review is necessary to identify the implementation bugs caused by insecure code. Our experts audit the source code to discover potential weaknesses that may lead to vulnerabilities, and verify the effectiveness of the implemented security controls. We perform manual and automated code reviews to identify all possible weak links in your code.